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Welcome to Point Shop; your no-fuss, online
Incentive, Loyalty and Rewards Partner
How we make it work…
We empower you to give valued customers and workforce meaningful rewards.
We build stronger relationships between you, your sales channels and your employees.
We create an environment to help transform business behaviour and corporate culture.

We’re Incentive, Loyalty and Rewards
Specialists, Focused on Tangible
Business Outcomes and our
Clients Success.



Plan & Design

Whether it’s a modular, customised or an out-of-the-box solution, we work with you to achieve the results you want quickly and easily.

Working Methodology

We deliver solutions based on proven technology, analytics and systems that are fast to install and easy to use.  We’ve had years of experience, with thousands of participants and awarded millions of points . The proof is our clients success.


We deliver real results and solutions that help build sales, customer retention and a healthier bottom line for your business.

Our Solutions

Sales Channel Loyalty & Rewards B2B Program 

Build Sales Loyalty and Business Growth with Your Channel Partners.

Develop and incentivise sales channel relationships through sound strategies and performance with your own company-branded sales incentives program. Reward your customers and sales partners with loyalty points they can redeem for 100’s of quality, top-brand merchandise.  Set your business apart from your competitors. Build revenue and ultimately, grow your business.

Employee Rewards & Recognition B2E Program 

Recognise, Engage and
Motivate Your Employees.

Let your people know how your company values its greatest resource through your own corporate identity employee recognition program. Drive and motivate your team members with manager nominated merchandise rewards and peer-to-peer award certificates. Build a dynamic corporate culture that lifts productivity and company loyalty long term, while creating an even healthier bottom line.

Points Shop Express Program 

Reward Anyone, Anytime in Your Sales Channel or Workplace.

An out-of-the-box solution that delivers a super fast and simple way to launch your points rewards program for your customers, sales partners and employees.

Let your rewarded members redeem points from a choice of literally 100’s of quality, top-brand merchandise and you get the express results.


Discover the measurable benefits of your
own Employee Incentive program for 2021

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How It Works

Strategic Partners

We work with you to build a loyalty marketing strategy that suits your business, budget and objectives.

Your Personalised Points Shop

We’ll design and deliver your customised online rewards shop, with hundreds of quality, top-brand merchandise items ranging from cutting edge electronics to shopping vouchers at some of Australia’s biggest retailers.

Engage Your Sales Partners & Employees

With our simple online platform, your sales channels and employees will be regularly engaged via automated electronic communications. Your program members will be kept up to date on their rewards points balance. We can also execute proactive marketing campaigns to further promote your products, services and news to all your participants.

Measure Results

Once your Points Shop is up and running, you’ll have access to your own dashboard and receive regular analysis reports so that you can monitor the performance of all your members and the overall success of your rewards program. It’s that easy.

Services & Backup

We’re an end to end services partner. So you have ongoing access to our industry leading services including program design, customised website, analytical reports and dashboard, domain hosting, automated-marketing, and support desk. We cover all your key bases.

Case Studies

See how we’ve rewarded businesses like yours.

Who We've Worked With

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Why Us?


Over 10 years of delivering rewards, loyalty and incentive solutions with thousands of satisfied customers.


Millions of points awarded to sales partners and employees.


We fully tailor your online Points Shop to offer hundreds of exciting rewards.

Full Service

We’re an end to end service, which means our services go beyond the shop front to offer fully fledged back-end service and support.


Our pre-packaged solutions are cost-effective and budget friendly.


We deliver rewards to your sales partners and employees across all of Australia and New Zealand.

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