How quickly can you set-up my rewards and loyalty program?

We have modular out-of-the-box solutions that can get you up and running within a matter of just a few days.

What if I have requirements that are not out-of-the-box and are specific to my business model?

Points Shop modules can be configured and customised according to your particular business needs, usually within 2 weeks.

Can you help me formulate key things like points structure and program budget?

Yes, by reviewing your business model analysing some of your key metrics, we can help you calculate and plan for such important sales and marketing factors.

What if I want to start-off with a small program first and expand later on?

We have clients with as little as 50 members all the way up to several thousand members. So our platforms are designed to scale from out-of-the-box to fully customised programs, as your business grows with Points Shop solutions.

What if I don’t have the systems, people or time to manage a rewards & recognition program?

That’s why Points Shop is a market leader. We provide the platform, the processes and the team to manage your rewards and recognition program for you and all your members.

Can you service my members anywhere in Australia and New Zealand?

Yes, we take care of all your members nation-wide to provide merchandise orders, direct delivery and customer help-desk.

What control do I have over my members and loyalty program?

You will have full control to authorise who gets what points, member merchandise order approvals, activation or suspension of any member accounts.

Can I measure how my loyalty program is performing?

We provide dashboard reports that analyses key details such as; points redemptions, merchandise orders, members activity, click/search statistics etc.

Can you help my business grow beyond loyalty and retention?

Yes, we have proactive solutions that will enable you to grow more share of wallet from existing clients, reach new prospective customers and convert them to additional spending clients.