Building a good B2B loyalty program starts with a customer mandate–a blueprint of how to use customer information in a way that transforms the client relationship and that is uniquely designed to support a business’s specific goals. There are six steps to building this mandate, and the result is a clear diagram for business success based on the distinct needs and wants of today’s high-value customers and prospects. The first three steps are standard operating practice for any marketer. The last three require heavy lifting, but the extra effort will deliver the sustainable financial performance that most marketers expect from their best customers.

How can you make this happen?

  1. Identify your key companies, customers and prospects.
  2. Track client interactions to develop a view of activity over time.
  3. Create a scoring mechanism to rank the most desired customers for your program, product, and services.
  4. Identify the relevant triggers or incentives to achieve your mutual goal.
  5. Implement a measurement plan to ensure you are hitting that goal.